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Penelope Cruz with her star

Penelope Cruz with her star

The musical bugs seem to have bitten a huge portion off the artistic pie of Penelope Cruz as the actress reveals her interests in working at more musicals be it in film or TV.

The award wining actress was first introduced in the world of musicals when she appeared in the movie Nine in 2009. Penelope says she intends to follow her pal, Gwyneth Paltrow’s footsteps in doing musicals.

With her hubby, Javier Bardem appearing in Glee, it won’t be that long before Penelope Cruz would appear in musicals as well. While musicals may be her interest these days, it must be noted that Penelope admits that she is not yet that brave to do Broadway Musicals yet.

Penelope Cruz is all smiles despite the rain

Penelope Cruz is all smiles despite the rain

Rains usually get the better off people, most especially actors who are out for a shoot. But not in the case of the award-winning actress, Penelope Cruz as she seems to be in good spirits despite the downpour.

Her latest movie project, The Counselor is currently shooting at Alicante. Yes, the Spanish coastal area may be renowned for its warm weather though it must be noted that September is its wettest month thus it follows that the cast and crew of this movie are definitely prepared for heavy rain.

The shoot schedule is supposed to be done on the warm months but the death of the director’s sibling delayed the shooting so they are now shooting on location even if it is said to be the time of the year when the place is frequented by rain clouds.

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Penelope strolling at Warner Studios with other moms

Penelope strolling at Warner Studios with other moms

Fame has its fair share of boon and bane and one of them is the famous people’s inability to blend in with a crowd without being recognized.This is why for an A-lister like Penelope Cruz to take her son Leo on a date at Warner Studios in Madrid is like defying gravity or taking a great big leap of faith.

The award-wining actress is spotted at the theme park with a group of other moms like the Spanish actress Goya Toledo. These moms explored the park, pushed strollers and even ate at the food court with their children.

Penelope Cruz definitely knows how to dress down in her public day out with her son as she wears a khaki shirt, a flared denim pants and a brown boots. Ironically, her brunette locks and  her shades  in an effort to hide  her face are the only things that makes her recognizable.

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Penelope Cruz accidentally flashing her nude undies

Penelope Cruz accidentally flashing her nude undies

To walk the extra mile, to exert extra effort and to get out of one’s comfort zone is just a few of the many things that a good actor does. Take the case of Penelope Cruz’s accidental flashing at the shoot of her up-coming movie, The Counselor.

The 38-year old is wearing a scarlet dress and a white trench coat but as the scene progresses, she struggles with a man and in the tossing, tumbling, running and all the action that occurs, her red dress hikes up which reveals her nude-colored undies.

For an award wining actor like Penelope Cruz, accidental flashings like this is just another day at work as these are some of the little issues that most if not all actors face at times.

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Eduardo, Monica and Penelope Cruz

Eduardo, Monica and Penelope Cruz

Considering the fact that the Cruz siblings claim to have a really close family ties, it’s not a wonder why the three siblings, Penelope, Monica and Eduardo are spotted at a restaurant in Madrid after catching up with each other over dinner.

The eldest Cruz, Penelope brought along her husband of two years, Javier Bardem. The award-winning actress says she is enjoying the privilege of having to pick the roles that she wants as she is trying her best to focus on her son, Leo.  The couple is working together in the movie ” The Counselor” but they make it a point that one of them stays with their kid. It is a good thing that they do not scenes where they appear together thus their arrangement of having one of them stay with their child easy and possible.

Back to the famous siblings who are equally busy and successful in their own fields, Eduardo who recently broke up with Eva Longoria is a composer while Monica is a newest face of the luxurious lingerie company, Agent Provocateur happens to be an actress as well.

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Penelope and son, Leo

Penelope and son, Leo



For big stars like Penelope Cruz, globe-trotting is no big deal. Check out the award-winning Spanish actress as she arrives in Paris for the nth time last October 24th.

Penelope Cruz is spotted at the Bourget Airport with her husband Javier Bardem and their son, Leo. The family of three seem to be in good spirit as they leave the airport just outside of Paris, France.

Career-wise, the couple are busy with their own stuff. Bardem plays the role of a villain in the latest Bond 007 movie while Cruz is joining forces with her sister in designing a lingerie line.

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Penelope Cruz Skyfall Premiere

Penelope Cruz Skyfall Premiere


If you are Penelope Cruz, standing out in the crowd is never an issue. The latest proof of the Vanilla Sky actress’ ability to get attention without intending to is in the world premiere of the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall that took place on October 23rd at the Royal Albert Hall.

Javier Bardem, the husband of the Gothika actress plays the role of a villain in the movie and this is the exact reason why she turned up in the event wearing her form fitting gold gown made by L’ Wren Scott.

The eye-catching floor length gown made a huge statement that the award wining actress need not war any other jewelry with it other the gold Emilio Pucci clutch and her gold Nicholas Kirkwood sky-high stilettos.

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Penelope Cruz and sister, Monica Cruz

Oscar winner Penelope Cruz teams up with her dancer/actress sister Monica Cruz in their latest venture of designing underwear for the luxury brand, Agent Provocateur.

The collection of the sexy Spanish sisters will feature a wide selection of brassieres, briefs as well as corsets. However, it must be noted that undergarment connoisseurs will have to wait until August 2013 to get their hands in the L’ Agent collection, the name of the diffusion line of the Cruz sisters.

”It is so exciting for me and Monica to embark on this new adventure. We have always been huge fans of Agent Provocateur and both of us are very much looking forward to this long-term collaboration.” says Penelope.

It must also be noted that the younger of the Cruz sibling is also the face of Agent Provocateur for their 2012-2013 autumn and winter ad campaign.

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It was divulged by Penelope Cruz that her mother, Encarna, has offered the best advice to her especially during the time when she was really  saddened after portraying the role that required her to do nude scenes in her first film ‘Jamon Jamon’.

It was the first and only moment in the life of the 37-year-old actress to do some bare scenes in the movie where Javier Bardem also starred in.

Cruz was not able to deal with the nude scenes of her first movie ‘Jamon Jamon’ well but stated that her mother understood her frustrations.   She cut her hair short and never did any love or kissing scenes at all for a long time.

Most of the people have told Cruz that she is putting her career at risk but she just ignored them and instead followed what her heart desired.

Her mother was at ease after Cruz came up with the decision and she even gave her inspiration to move forward and do some other things.

She had come to the realization now that the person who directed the movie ‘Jamon Jamon’, Bigas Luna, was just giving her the opportunity which she is now grateful of.  It was also the time when she first encountered Javier on that film whom she considered as one of the best actors in the world.

Cruz has also stated how much she is enjoying of being a wonderful woman who is appreciated by other people.


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The producers of the film “Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides” already had the idea that actress Penelope Cruz who was to cast to star as the Blackbeard’s daughter Angelica was pregnant with her husband Javier Bardem for their first-born child.

It was not really obvious at first until the baby bump on Cruz’s body began to show.  So as not to stop the shooting, they came up to the decision that Penelope will be taken close-up shots while the distance shots will be portrayed by her three-year younger sister Monica.

Monica Cruz, 34 years old, is an dancer and actress in Spain — and looks like 37-year-old Penelope — so it was a perfect match.

“I did a couple of months of training and did what I was able to do, but I couldn’t do everything, just what was safe. Monica came at the end to do some scenes. She’s a dancer and very good with a sword because she’s done a film herself,” said Cruz.

We already have the pictures of the Blackbeard’s daughter which is portrayed by both Penelope and Monica.


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Penelope Cruz is “the happiest she’s ever been” since becoming a mother.

Pedro – who has collaborated with the actress many times – said: “She’s the most happy. Better than always!

“She’s with a man who she loves. She’s a really avocational mother. In all my movies she plays a mother. She always said, ‘I want to be a mother.’ ”

The proud mother loves showing off Leo and although their busy schedules mean Penelope and Pedro don’t see each other as often as they would like, the 37-year-old actress sends Pedro, 62, pictures of her son every 15 days.

He added to “She wanted to really experience being a mother in a complete way. She sends me photos of the baby every 15 days. I see how he’s growing. He has an incredibly big smile, you cannot imagine. He’s beautiful, gorgeous and he’s big.”

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The filming of “Venuto al mondo” , an upcoming film starring Penelope Cruz, has finished filming in Bosnia and and Herzegovina and the cast & crew will now fly to Rome to shoot the last scenes, the Bosnian media reported Saturday.

The second stage of filming in Sarajevo, which began on November 7, ended without interruptions and on schedule, the media said.

Penelope was joined in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital by her husband, acclaimed Spanish actor Javier Bardem, and their young son, Leo, just as she was in September during the first leg of filming in Bosnia

Although their presence aroused a great deal of interest from the media and the general public, the film stars managed to avoid the cameras during their stay.

In Italian director Sergio Castellitto’s “Venuto al mondo,” scheduled for release in Italy and Spain next year, Cruz plays a single mother who accompanies her teenage son to Sarajevo, where his father died in the 1992-1995 Bosnian conflict.

Filming began in September in Sarajevo and scenes also have been shot in Rome and the Croatian island of Korcula.

The film is based on the like-named novel by Margaret Mazzantini, the director’s wife and a bestselling Italian author.

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By Dana Macario

Do you remember the long, leisurely brunches that comprised a weekend morning back in your pre-child days? Neither do we. Once the wee ones arrive, meals out often become a rushed and hurried affair, quickly cramming in your meal before a meltdown ensues.

This week’s CMC, Penelope Cruz, was  spotted eating out, holding her baby Leo with one hand, while eating  with the other, as only a mommy can do. For mere mortals, negotiating the fork, knife, spoon and coffee cup requires two hands. Mothers of babies however, seem to have finely-tuned hand-eye coordination, allowing them to deftly maneuver the various utensils, feeding themselves and keeping the ever-enticing knife out of baby’s reach, all at the same time.

Whether it’s eating with one hand, having an app-laden smartphone, or special “restaurant-only toys” on hand, moms have devised some pretty ingenious ways for keeping babies and kids happy while dining out. What’s your best tip for keeping little ones content at a restaurant?


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