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Posted on April 25th, 2009 - Filed in Mango, News & Gossip, Photo Updates - 0 Comments / Leave one

The summer campaign for Mango is now available, and it’s absolutely stunning, as if we’d expect anything less!

Also, Penélope Cruz was in Venice, Italy this weekend for her friend Salma Hayek‘s wedding. You can read a little about the event here.

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Pedro Almodóvar’s Los abrazos rotos has made the official selection for the 2009 Cannes Film Festival!

The festival runs May 13-24. It’s a safe bet saying we will be seeing Miss Cruz in attendance at the film’s premieres and photocalls! Here’s to hoping though!

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I wanted to let all of our loyal visitors know that this site will likely not be updated a whole lot until the end of April. I am going to be traveling and my internet access will be very minimal. But I will try and update the site as much as I can, if possible. Also this regards e-mail replies and comments approval. If the hiatus will last longer than a month, I will be sure to update on it again. But rest assured, I will update as soon as I can!

Meanwhile, check out here for the latest news and here for the newest images.

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We’re really being spoiled! Miss Cruz is also featured on the cover of Vanity Fair Spain. She is photographed with her beloved Pedro Almodóvar and the photoshoot is just stunning.

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Penélope Cruz graces the April issue of Vogue España. She looks amazing in a gorgeous new shoot!

“I’ve been obsessed with his cinema since I was a little girl, especially now, because now it is also a personal experience. He is a very important person in my life, not only in my career but also he is one of my best friends. If someone told me that I can only choose one director to work with for the rest of my life. It’s absolutely clear for me that it would be with him.” – Penélope Cruz

Yesterday was the world premiere for Broken Embraces. It took place in Madrid, Spain and the cast was there, Pe included. She looked gorgeous in a black shimmer dress. Also a few days ago she attended a Barcelona press conference, and we now have some photos. Broken Embraces comes out this tomorrow in Spain.

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In the first of many covers come, Cruz graces the cover of DS Magazine N°5 (France). It is a re-print photoshoot but it’s one of my favorites.

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Variety has reviewed Broken Embraces.

Cruz delivers a compelling, subtle perf as a woman continually aware that the shadow of tragedy hovers over her. But because her character is effectively split into three — Magdalena the grieving daughter, Lena the actress and lover, and Pina in “Girls and Suitcases” — auds will struggle to locate an emotional center behind the thesp’s dizzying range of costumes and wigs.

Visually, the pic is an exquisite treat. Every richly hued wall is covered with eye-candy artwork, every doorway reps a second level of framing, and there is beauty even in the scattered contents of a drawer or in a pile of torn-up photos. Closeups are regularly used, particularly of Cruz’s hypnotically photogenic features.

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Penélope Cruz has announced that her Oscar will stay in Spain, and says she has not left it alone for a minute since the award ceremony on February 22.

The star, who won an Oscar and a Goya for her lead role in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, says if she could only work with one film director for the rest of her career, she would chose Pedro Almodóvar.

Cruz started off her acting career in Almodóvar’s films, although her recent award-winning production was directed by Woody Allen.

In her first public appearance in Spain on Friday, Penélope told reporters, “I arrived back home last night from the USA, and of course, the Oscar has come with me and here it will stay.”

Pedro Almodóvar told those present at the event that when he won his first Oscar, he ‘felt as though he’d got a new baby’.

Source: Think Spain

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Yesterday Penélope attended the press conference and photocall for Broken Ambraces. She was accompanied by Pedro Almodóvar and cast and this marks her first event since she became an Oscar winner! :) She looked pretty in a red dress and the Embraces family were all smiles and kisses!

Cruz said her role in the new film was a difficult one.

“Its a very different personality from my own and very different from all the roles I have played before … a survivor who I think always has a black cloud over her head.

But she underscored her fondness and admiration for Almodovar.

“If I had to work with only one director for the rest of my life, it’s clear to me that it would be him. Almodovar is someone who is very important in my career. And in my life.”

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This year in Spanish cinema, Pedro Almodovar is the new black.

Oscar-winning director Almodovar’s latest film Broken Embraces drops his distinctive comic melodrama for the best tradition of “film noir,” the dark and stylish film genre used in many crime dramas.

Set for release on March 18 in Spain and in the rest of Europe in May, the film stars recent Oscar winner Penelope Cruz in the role of a tragedy-dogged aspiring actress.

“The film noir genre is one of my favorites,” Almodovar told reporters at a screening of the film on Friday. “The fact this film was really “black” was what was very satisfying.”

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Oscar-winning actress Penelope Cruz is in early negotiations to reteam with Sergio Castellitto, the Italian director whose 2004 Don’t Move gave Cruz her first career-making role.

Speaking Friday at the Madrid press screening of Pedro Almodovar’s Embraces, in which she stars, Cruz said, “We’re starting to talk but I can’t confirm anything concrete as yet.”

Castellitto wants Cruz as lead femme in Venuto al Mondo (Into the World).

The Sarajevo-set drama about a single mother is based on a novel by Castellitto’s wife, Margaret Mazzantini, as was Don’t Move. Castellitto’s producers, Roberto Cicutto and Luigi Musini, are currently putting together finance on World.

Pic is unlikely to start filming this year: Cruz said she intends to spend most of the year promoting Broken Embraces during its international roll-out, which lasts through November.

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The Spanish newspaper El País has a new feature with the cast of Broken Embraces. The photos are in black and white and so stunning! The photoshoot reunited Penélope Cruz with Almodóvar for the first time after she won the Oscar for Vicky Cristina Barcelona. You can view the shoot and captures from the on set video in our gallery. The video is available for viewing here.