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Very big thanks goes out to Mia of Magnifique Marion Cotillard for providing us with scans from the November issue of Vogue. Kindly respect her and do not repost these scans as they were donated for us. :)

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Penelope ranks at number 17 on Empire Magazine’s 50 Sexiest Women list. Ahead of Jennifer Aniston and right behind Emily Blunt. View her entry here.

What do Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey and Javier Bardem have in common? They’ve all gone nutso for Miss Cruz’ immense charms. Can’t blame them, really.

Most alluring as… Funnily enough, for all the sexiness on display in her run of movies for Pedro Almodovar, she’s absolutely smokin’ hot as Johnny Depp’s feisty wife in Blow, a film that’s otherwise so unmemorable we’re pretty sure Cruz has forgotten even making it.

Interests include… She became a vegetarian after filming All The Pretty Horses. Rumour has it that she also stopped using Pritt Stick. She also likes karaoke, adorably, and is welcome to join an Empire singalong of Ace of Spades anytime.

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A rehearsal montage from the forthcoming musical Nine has just been released. Put out via Yahoo! Movies, the two-minute video features a number of scenes from the film intercepting footage of the rehearsals for the song-and-dance numbers. Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson, Stacy Ferguson aka Fergie, Marion Cotillard and Nicole Kidman are some of actresses seen.

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Thanks to Jess for informing us of a behind the scenes video of the Vogue shoot with the Nine ladies. It’s really cute so be sure to check it out. They all look so stunning!

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The celebrity guest appearances keep on coming for the sequel to the blockbuster Sex and the City film. OK! has learned that Penélope Cruz is the latest A-lister to hop on the Sex And The City 2 bandwagon. The Oscar-winner just filmed a cameo appearance, playing herself on the red carpet. This via OKMagazine.

Joining already confirmed guest appearances by Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus and Liza Minnelli. (Minnelli will be belting out a rendition of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” during the wedding between Stanford and Anthony—for which Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw will serve as best man.)

The new movie, which has a May 28, 2010, release date, is going to be a star-studded affair.

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Curious about Pe’s favorite New York or Madrid restaurants? Well here is a little excerpt from Blackbook she said at the New York Film Festival premiere of Broken Embraces:

Favorite restaurant in New York?
“Oh, I have many because I love food so much!”

And in Madrid?
“I go to many that are out in the countryside, but whoever goes there for the first time should go to Botin. It’s the oldest restaurant in the world.” What did you like about it? “Everything!” – Penélope Cruz

Pedro Almodovar said NY’s Mr. Chow’s and in Madrid “Casa Lucio is one of my favorites.”

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Penélope Cruz attended the closing night premiere and press conference of Broken Embraces at the NY Film Festival on October 11th. For the premiere she wore a silvery grey Haider Ackermann Fall 2009 ensemble. While at the press conference she wore an Alexander McQueen Houndstooth check pencil dress and black satin pumps (my favorite of the two). Broken Embraces has already been released in Spain and the UK (among other countries) earlier this year and will have a limited US run beginning in November.

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Paper Magazine held a special dinner party honoring director Pedro Almodovar and Penélope Cruz at Italian restaurant Casa Lever on the Upper East Side of New York City on Saturday (October 10).

The celebration also brought out Beth Ditto from the indie rock band The Gossip.

Penelope and Pedro have worked together the projects — 1997’s Live Flesh, 1999’s All About My Mother, 2006’s Volver and 2009’s Broken Embraces

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What actress doesn’t dream of reliving Fellini’s magic? Here, a head-spinning lineup of A-list stars join forces in Rob Marshall’s movie-musical Nine. Plum Sykes visits them on set. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

Shepperton Studios, London, on a bleak December day. Shrouded in a freezing fog, the lot seems faintly neglected, as though abandoned. The various buildings—prop shops, costume houses—look like little more than sheds. A car drops me off at a side door to a soundstage, where a harried but friendly publicist meets me.

Inside, it’s as though a magician has waved his wand. Suddenly I am transported half a century back in time to the Italy of La Dolce Vita. To my left is an empty set-within-a-set of a Roman piazza, and to my right is a bustling re-creation of a 1960s movie studio. An intricate scaffolding of iron balconies and stairwells has been built in front of the corrugated walls of the soundstage. Nowhere, it turns out, could be more perfect for Rob Marshall to direct the song-and-dance numbers for Nine, his latest movie, because the bones of Shepperton have an uncanny resemblance to the Cinecittà of Fellini’s , the inspiration for Maury Yeston’s 1982 Broadway musical Nine, on which this film is based.

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Pedro Almodóvar made his regular New York Film Festival pit stop Wednesday, bringing his new film-industry love quadrangle Broken Embraces to town ahead of its closing-night presentation this weekend. His star and longtime muse Penélope Cruz joined him for a press conference following yesterday’s screening, but at this festival — perhaps the most abjectly cinephilic in the world — Almodóvar proved himself once again as the one person who can outshine the planet’s biggest international sexpot.

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For Almodovar and Cruz, the love is mutual.

Film history has given us a myriad of directors who play favorites, who channel their visions through an actor, using them as their vessel: Think John Ford and John Wayne, Martin Scorsese and Robert DeNiro, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. In the case of beloved Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar, his inspiration is, beyond a shred of doubt, the lovely Penelope Cruz.

“Our relationship keeps changing and evolving,” says the actress. “It gets to the point where we often know what the other one is thinking. We really have a strong friendship, but it doesn’t mean I get less nervous when I’m around him on set because he’s so honest. And that’s what I love about working with him — his honesty.”

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Spanish actress Penelope Cruz and French fashion designer Sonia Rykiel have signed a petition for the release of Roman Polanski that on Monday had grown to include 700 celebrities and film industry figures.

The petition was launched a week ago by the French performance and visual artists association, SACD, after the Polish-French director was detained in Switzerland to face possible extradition to the US to face child sex charges.

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