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Family affair takes the better off the Cruz siblings as Penelope Cruz stars in music video by Miguel. The single’s name is Decirno Adios which is taken off the second album of Miguel Papitwo. What makes this single extra special to Penelope, so special that she is sizzling hot in the video is actually composed by her brother Eduardo Cruz. In the video, Penelope strips and shows off her enviable curves as she belts out her lines off the duet.

Luscious Penelope in the video

Luscious Penelope in the video

Helping people in the third world may be the trend in Hollywood these days but skeptics about the act of kindness by celebrity agree in the effect that these famous people make on the lives of those in need.

Take the case of Penelope Cruz’s charity work at the Pacific Lodge Boy’s Home. This place is where gang members go to for rehabilitation. Penelope discovered this place as Matthew MacConaughey as they used to go out years ago.

Other than that, Penelope has also had experience in working with Mother Teresa. “To spend a week with Mother Teresa? I was more excited to do that than to get the greatest movie. When you are there, you feel more useful than at any time in your life.”, she shares.

The stunningly beautiful Penelope

The stunningly beautiful Penelope

Penelope Cruz and sister Monica joins the list of celebrities like Kim Catrall, Beyonce and Robin Williams in teaming up with Nintendo for its ads.

The Cruz sister’s sibling rivalry starts and ends in Nintendo as they tend to outsmart and outscore each other in the games that they play. Penelope admits that she enjoys and take the games seriously as she usually finds herself immersed in the game as her goal is to play and score better that her sister.

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Penélope showing her sultrier style of dancing in Noel from 2004. Let’s face it – the girl knows how to move!

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A cute clip of Penélope dancing to “Kung Fu Fighting” from the 2001 Spanish film Sin noticias de Dios / Don’t Tempt Me. We adore this scene!

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