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He won an Oscar for “No Country for Old Men” but he does not care about that. What is important for him is that he won the heart of his soul mate. In an interview with GQ Magazine, the Skyfall star talks about his craft and more importantly, his wife. “I’m happily married. I breathe and stay in peace. I truly thank whoever’s up there for giving me the opportunity to be loved,” says Bardem.

Bardem may be an award-winning actor but he claims that he does not watch his movies. He loves playing this or that character but he does not want to see it played before his eyes. “I can’t even watch that …nose, that…voice, those ridiculous eyes. I can’t handle that.” he shared with GQ.

Spanish Power Couple

Spanish Power Couple

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Penelope in Black and White

Penelope in Black and White

The love life of Penelope Cruz has always been one of the most favorite subject of media and fans alike.

While the hot Spanish senorita may be happily married nowadays, it must be noted that she has had a very colorful dating life. Famous people that she used to date include Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaughey and his then boyfriend and now husband, Javier Bardem.

However it must be noted that secret affairs and rumors did not spare the Madid-Madonna. For instance, she is rumored to have an affair with Nicolas Cage, Matt Damon, Orlando Bloom and Josh Hartnett.

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W for Wow

W for Wow

Penelope Cruz grazes the cover of W Magazine for their September issue. The Spanish actress talks about the joys of motherhood, her latest work on comedy films and speaking in straight Enlgish in her movies. “There is a part of your brain that has to stop when you’re acting. You have to be in the moment and dare to fly. Words can’t be on your mind. And yet, when you are working in a foreign language, you have to be thinking about the words every single second. It’s difficult, but I’m not complaining. It’s just the way it is.” says Penelope.

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For the most famous Spanish actress in the planet, getting on the cover of the Spanish Vogue is out of the question. See Penelope Cruz in the November 2012 issue of the magazine.

Penelope on Vogue

Penelope on Vogue

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From Jamon Jamon to Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Penelope Cruz is undeniably one of the hottest queens in the silver screen. In this photo, Cruz is wearing a Patricia Underwood headgear and a Mikomoto Pearl Necklace.

Hypnotizingly Beautiful

Hypnotizingly Beautiful

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For someone as hot as Penelope Cruz, getting into the annual list of sexiest women all over the world is as easy as pie. Take the case of Ask.Men’s latest survey where Penelope is currently at the 49th rank. For some her effect is tantalizing, for others its electrifying and for Woody Allen, he claims to find Penelope overwhelming as he says that he does not look directly at her.

As for Penelope Cruz’s take on sexyness, “ You have to remove the tight dress to eat a Double Double monster cheeseburger with everything on it.”

Sexyness and Sultriness Personified

Sexyness and Sultriness Personified



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Penelope Cruz graces the cover of Vogue magazine’s June 2011 issue, on newsstands Tuesday (May 24). The photoshoot has been added to the site as well as temporary scans. The article excerpt from is as follows.

The Dream Life of Penélope Cruz

There are oddities that make sense only in Los Angeles—canary-yellow Rolls-Royces, lasagna cupcakes, agents. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is another. Here is a boulevard where Meryl Streep shares the glory with Erik Estrada; where Audrey Hepburn earns the same real estate as Rin Tin Tin; where a Spider-Man impersonator once socked a Charlie Chaplin impersonator in the face. The Walk is America’s most accessible shrine to show-business fantasy: If you dream big enough, one day your name could be commemorated on this hallowed ground in gold letters. And then a sunburned dude with a green parrot on his shoulder will roller-skate right over it.

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Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz get into character on the latest cover of Parade.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides director Rob Marshall revealed how they handled news of Penelope’s pregnancy just one week before filming began.

“We were like, uhhhhh. I said, ‘Are you going to be okay sword fighting with a baby in your stomach?’ But she was up for it,” he recalled.

“She said she’d understand if we had to replace her, but she didn’t want to be replaced. It took more time, ultimately, but she was worth it,” he added.

As for whether or not this will be the last time fans will see Captain Jack, Rob teased, “It’s like the James Bond series. I think there are probably lots of stories still to tell.”

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The actress talks in the new THR magazine about preparing for the film’s stuntwork, meeting Mother Theresa and the unique scale of the Pirate.

When did Rob Marshall first mention the movie to you?

We were doing [dialogue work] for Nine. We were in a restaurant in London, and he waited until the dessert and said in a very casual way, “Oh, would you like to do Pirates with me and Johnny?” I jumped from the chair! I said, “Why didn’t you tell me the first second we sat down?”

Did your pregnancy affect working?

It helped that I was a dancer for so many years and worked on the fight choreography for two months before I was pregnant. I really knew all the fights because Rob put them together almost as a dance, the way we had trained for Nine. That helped, and when we shot, I never did anything dangerous.

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Pe is featured in the May 7, 2011 issue of France’s Madame Figaro. Thanks to the lovely Mia of Claire Foy Source we have a scan. There is no accompaning article, but it’s a stunning image of lady Cruz!

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Penélope Cruz is also gracing the cover of GQ UK. In a super foxy new shoot! Scans have been added, thanks to ‘ray22uk’!

How many actors can dance, act and effervesce on screen with such wild abandon as Penélope Cruz? In an exclusive interview and shoot by Mario Sorrenti, this triple threat of an actress talks Johnny Depp, Pedro Almodovar and what it’s like to kiss Scarlett Johansson.

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Penélope Cruz is featured on the cover of the upcoming June issue of Vogue magazine. She looks absolutely gorgeous, perhaps one of the most stunning covers of her I’ve seen in some time! I can’t wait to pick this issue up!

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Penélope Cruz is on the cover of Marie Claire (France) for this month. It is not a new photoshoot but scans have been added.