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Posted on December 5th, 2012 - Filed in Movies & Projects, Other Works, Photo Spotlight, Site - 0 Comments / Leave one
Penelope Cruz at the Twice Born Premiere Night

Penelope Cruz at the Twice Born Premiere Night

Penelope Cruz once said that she is going to shoot any paparazzi who takes a picture of her son, Leo.  Considering the fact that she is a new mother, it is obvious that Penelope Cruz is going to be a good mom to her son. In her roles and in her works, she shows so much passion and love that it oozes and flows abundantly. What better way to channel this extra serving love than by being a mom to her son.

In her latest movie, Twice Born. She plays the role of a mother to a teenage son. Penelope speaks fondly of her role, ”Some of these babies were only a week old. And so they were smelling me and that made them want to eat. But I was playing a woman who couldn’t feed because she hadn’t given birth! That created a very strange but alive dynamic between me and those babies. You cannot learn something like that. And this film is full of moments that could not be planned.”.



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