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Posted on November 28th, 2012 - Filed in Movies & Projects, News & Gossip, Other Works, Press, Public Events - 0 Comments / Leave one
Prim and Proper Penelope at the Campari Calendar Launch

Prim and Proper Penelope at the Campari Calendar Launch

November 13 marked the release of the limited edition Penelope Cruz calendars for Campari. The calender will be distributed to friends of Campari features the sexy Spanish senorita in all shades of red.

In the event, Penelope Cruz arrived in a grey and black skirt and blazer ensemble by Armani, black shoes from Casadei and red Chopard jewelry to match her red lipstick. While she may look all covered up for the event, her face and her locks give her the unmistakable aura of sultriness.

Campari CEO Bob Kunzr Concewits and the man behind the camera that took the photos for the 2012 Campari Calendar Kristian Schuller was als present for the launching event.

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