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Penelope staring sexily while holding a cup of coffee

Penelope staring sexily while holding a cup of coffee

Endorsements deals seem to overflow Penelope Cruz’s cup these days as she is seen launching products here and there.

For instance her smoking hot Campari calendar was just launched a few weeks ago and now, she is up to something again. Apparently Penelope is out to stimulate the senses as she takes on the footsteps of George Clooney in being the latest Nespresso spokesperson.

In her first promo shots, she is seen wearing a form fitting lacy purple dress holding a cup and looking nowhere pensively. Yes, only Penelope can make staring blankly seem and look so sexy.

Considering the fact that Penelope seem to be taking her motherhood seriously, its probably with the help of Nespresso that she is able to juggle her several worlds: mother, actress, designer, wife effectively.

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