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Penelope and her identical sister Monica with identical purses

Penelope and her identical sister Monica with identical purses

From handbags to lingerie, clothing to accessories, it seems that nothing can stop Penelope Cruz into getting in to the world of designing. ”As an actress you get to go to these events and wear their things, it’s fun. I don’t put a lot of time into it but I respect what they do.” she says in one of her interviews.

Not only that she is moonlighting into the world of design but it seems as if she is using her time to design as a way to bond with her sister Monica as they have been working together in her designing ventures. It is no wonder why she says that “It’s great working with my sister because we are very close as a family – my brother, my sister and myself. We have a great relationship. It’s a blessing because you want to be together as much as possible, so to work together is really great.”

For instance, they have teamed up again for Agent Provocateur’s lingerie line which will be released next year. Other than that, they also have a range of handbags designed for Samantha Thavasa, a Japanese store and of course, there is her work for Mango.

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