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Posted on November 9th, 2012 - Filed in News & Gossip, Photo Spotlight, Public Events, Site - 0 Comments / Leave one
Penelope Cruz sporting a Loewe Bag

Penelope Cruz sporting a Loewe Bag

Celebrities have crazy schedules, one moment you are in front of the camera, next moment you are in an airport and so on. Take the case of globe-trotting Spanish actress, Penelope Cruz who looks good  whether dressed in haute couture, casual wear or even rags for that matter.

The actress is currently spotted entering an airport wearing a tweed jacket, fitted denim jeans, suede kicks and a Flamenco bag from Loewe.  Her understated look that day has a little touch of whim as the cross body carrier in the shade of stone and blue becomes one of the primary focal point in her travel ensemble.

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