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Posted on November 8th, 2012 - Filed in Movies & Projects, News & Gossip, Press - 0 Comments / Leave one
Penelope Cruz as The Black Widow

Penelope Cruz as The Black Widow

The latest talk in town is that Penelope Cruz will play the role of Mauricio Gucci’s ex-wife/ The film is to be directed by Ridley Scott’s daughter Jordan. The award wining actress is currently busy with Ridley’s Scott’s The Counselor but if all goes well, she will play Patrizia Reggiani in Jordan Scott’s Gucci.

Patricia Reggiani is known as the black widow as she hired a hit-man to murder her ex-husband after their divorce. Raggianni was then sentenced for 26 years of imprisonment but in the year 2011, she was given a chance but refused a parole as she claims she that she have never done work and have no intention of starting one after being released if the parole will be approved.

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