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Posted on November 3rd, 2012 - Filed in News & Gossip, Photo Spotlight, Site - 0 Comments / Leave one


Penelope strolling at Warner Studios with other moms

Penelope strolling at Warner Studios with other moms

Fame has its fair share of boon and bane and one of them is the famous people’s inability to blend in with a crowd without being recognized.This is why for an A-lister like Penelope Cruz to take her son Leo on a date at Warner Studios in Madrid is like defying gravity or taking a great big leap of faith.

The award-wining actress is spotted at the theme park with a group of other moms like the Spanish actress Goya Toledo. These moms explored the park, pushed strollers and even ate at the food court with their children.

Penelope Cruz definitely knows how to dress down in her public day out with her son as she wears a khaki shirt, a flared denim pants and a brown boots. Ironically, her brunette locks and  her shades  in an effort to hide  her face are the only things that makes her recognizable.

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