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Posted on December 28th, 2011 - Filed in News & Gossip - 0 Comments / Leave one

The producers of the film “Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides” already had the idea that actress Penelope Cruz who was to cast to star as the Blackbeard’s daughter Angelica was pregnant with her husband Javier Bardem for their first-born child.

It was not really obvious at first until the baby bump on Cruz’s body began to show.  So as not to stop the shooting, they came up to the decision that Penelope will be taken close-up shots while the distance shots will be portrayed by her three-year younger sister Monica.

Monica Cruz, 34 years old, is an dancer and actress in Spain — and looks like 37-year-old Penelope — so it was a perfect match.

“I did a couple of months of training and did what I was able to do, but I couldn’t do everything, just what was safe. Monica came at the end to do some scenes. She’s a dancer and very good with a sword because she’s done a film herself,” said Cruz.

We already have the pictures of the Blackbeard’s daughter which is portrayed by both Penelope and Monica.


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