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An announcement from the Sarajevo city government says Cruz arrived Wednesday and will film at various locations in town.

Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, her husband, Javier Bardem, and their son, Leo, are in Sarajevo, where she will begin filming `Venuto al Mondo`, Bosnian media reported.

The movie is about a single mother, Gemma, who brings her 16-year-old son to Sarajevo, where his father died in the 1990s Bosnian conflict. It is based on a best-seller by Margaret Mazzantini. The filming will start Sept. 12 and last for 11 days.

Cruz and Bardem are occupying the hotel`s presidential suite, while the staffers who care for their son are living in two other rooms, media reports said.

The movie star asked hotel management for stepped up security to protect the family`s privacy from paparazzi.

Cruz had a final production meeting Sunday with director Sergio Castellito to iron out some details of the filming, which will last nine days.

The stars and crew will continue filming in Rome, but plans call for a return to Sarajevo in late October or early November.

Cruz plays Gemma, a single mother who accompanies her teenage son to Sarajevo, the birthplace of his father, who died in the war in Bosnia.

The filming in Sarajevo is expected to end on Sept. 21 and will continue on the Croatian island of Korcula and in Rome.