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Posted on May 5th, 2010 - Filed in "Pirates of the Caribbean" (2011) - 1 Comment / Leave one

Yahoo is reporting that Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, has had its budget cut by more than a third of what was expected. This is pretty shocking to me considering how sure fire well these flicks do at the box office – but more money doesn’t necessarily equal a better film! Hopefully the budget cuts will force the crew to get more creative and we’ll be in for a really great Pirates film – more in vein of the first one! The main change – the film will not be shot in the Caribbean.

Perhaps most devastating (at least from the perspective of a Pirates purist), is the news that the fourth installment of the franchise will not be shooting in the Caribbean (you know, like the title says) or Los Angeles. Those locations have been scrapped for the less expensive Hawaii and London. Perhaps the film should be renamed, Pirates of the Thames: Maybe We Can Also Use the ‘Lost’ Set. And for the crew hoping to get a tropical suntan — or perhaps acquire a Madonna-like accent — they’re out of luck: shooting has been cut down from 145 to a lean 90 days.

Like the Pirate predecessors, the fourth installment is being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer — producer of films such as Armageddon and Top Gun — someone who isn’t necessarily used to budget cuts. The cuts stem from the new studio Chairman Rich Ross who has tightened the budgets considerably since taking over for former Chairman Dick Cook, who was fired from Disney in September of 2009.

Source: Yahoo! News

Sandra • May. 8, 2010

I laughed hard at this – “Pirates of the Thames: Maybe We Can Also Use the ‘Lost’ Set”.

I have to say I’m secretly looking forward to this. Although I was initially rather disappointed to hear they’re making yet another sequel, I’m glad to see they’re not only no longer pursuing the Keira/Orlando storyline but have landed some great and high profile actors in addition to Johnny. Penelope and Ian McShane sound promising like feck! ;) Even with the smaller budget. Maybe this’ll mean less grandiose special effects, and therein, a less dumb storyline than in the other two sequels.

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