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Posted on April 30th, 2010 - Filed in Movies & Projects, News & Gossip - 0 Comments / Leave one

According to Screen International, Oscar winning actress Penélope Cruz is set to work with actor-director Sergio Castellito once again in a film adaptation of the Italian bestselling war story entitled Venuto Al Mondo by Margaret Mazzantini. Keep in mind this has not been confirmed by a more reputable source.

Cruz last worked with Castellito in the 2004 drama Don’t Move which did good business in Italy with over $10 million, but received a cold release in the states, making under $400,000 at the B.O.Don’t Move was also based on a novel by Mazzantini who happens to be Castellito’s wife. Though Castellito is still looking for partners to finance the film, he plans to start production in 2011.

Venuto al Mondo, which can be roughly translated as ‘brought into the world’, takes place during wartime torn Sarajevo during the Balkans 1990s conflict. Cruz’s role will be that of a mother who returns home with her adolescent son in search of their roots.

Venuto Al Mondo sold 600,000 copies in Italy and has also been released in Spain and France. The book will hit U.S. stores in 2011. The movie will be shot between Rome, Sarajevo, Belgrade and Croatia.

Cruz spoke about how she has remained friends with Castellito and Mazzantini since Don’t Move so when they sent her the Spanish translation of the book, which she read in one sitting, it left her enchanted. She just knew she had to do the film and tell the story to the world.

Source: One India

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