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Although this could be determined just a rumor for now since only one outlet has reported on it, but I’ve actually wondered which big film Penélope would be doing next myself. The Lars von Trier’s (Antichrist) psychological drama disaster film, Melancholia or Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides? Both films seemed like they might tie up Pe’s schedule for many months (not to mention the promotion duties something like Pirates has). Also because she’s stated she was going to be very choosy with her projects and not work back to back so much anymore. Both films were announced within days of each other so it seemed likely one would coincidence with the other. I did a bit of research and here is what I found:

It seems, according to El Pais, Penélope has renounced Melancholia in order to star in the fourth part of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie saga. The site notes that Cruz’s character in Melancholia (which was written specifically for her) requires no special physical effort, but her Pirates character would of course require special skills, which would mean months of training, especially in fencing. Producer Buenavista locks down it’s cast especially for this.

Discussion of Von Trier possibly moving its project to filming September occurred but a scheduled appointment with the Cannes Film Festival in 2011, which will premiere Melancholia, and shorten the post-production digital effects overruled it. The final decision regarding the Von Trier movie: filming in June in Sweden, with a budget of around four million euros and the French coast in May 2011. Without Cruz attached to headline. The role is to be partly re-written. No casting announcements have been made as of this report.

Although Pirates 4 was announced some months ago with only Johnny Depp to star it was just recently reported Rob Marshall, Cruz’s Nine director would helm the movie (taking over the Disney franchise from Gore Verbinski.) Pe made several quotes that would definitely love to do another musical or work with Rob again which doesn’t surprise that she was eager to work with him once again so soon.

So ultimately it seems that Cruz tried to juggle the schedules for both films, but was forced to focus exclusively on the Pirates movie which will be due to begin shooting in Hawaii this July, seeing Cruz as a female pirate! Caribbean veterans Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley will no longer participate in the franchise. It’s been reported that the script is being tweaked because the press found it weak.

I’m honestly not surprised by this and while I definitely would have been looking forward to the Lars von Trier film, I’m actually more excited by the thoughts of seeing Penélope in a huge movie (since she hasn’t been in one in a while) from I franchise I am a big fan of overall. I’m also a bit more biased to her working with Johnny Depp again because I became a fan of Pe’s with their 2001 film Blow.

I’ll continue to keep you posted on all the developments regarding Pirates because it seems pretty official now! Can’t wait! What are you thoughts? Are you disappointed by the Melancholia news or happy?

Riikka • Feb. 18, 2010

Thanks for the excellent post!

I have to say that I am definitely disappointed by the Melancholia news. I’m not the biggest von Trier fan but he truly challenges the limits of his actors to the core and I bet Penelope’s performance would have been unlike any of her other ones. I’ve only seen the two first Pirates movies and I enjoyed them, esp. the first. It will definitely be aweosme to see Pe as the female pirate opposite Jack Sparrow! I really wish it would have been possible for her to tackle both roles but undestably it is impossible in this case.

trastofer • Feb. 23, 2010

I would really really like Pe to shoot MELANCHOLIA…It’s a Von Trier film so pubicity and buzz are assured. Furhtermore it would be great to be at Cannes and sure a fantastic european 2011 season wiould follow afterwards…
I am not a fan of the Pirates films and except for box office numbers, i.e., money, I don’t see the point in Pe doing this film.

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