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Posted on March 14th, 2009 - Filed in News & Gossip - 0 Comments / Leave one

Yesterday Penélope attended the press conference and photocall for Broken Ambraces. She was accompanied by Pedro Almodóvar and cast and this marks her first event since she became an Oscar winner! :) She looked pretty in a red dress and the Embraces family were all smiles and kisses!

Cruz said her role in the new film was a difficult one.

“Its a very different personality from my own and very different from all the roles I have played before … a survivor who I think always has a black cloud over her head.

But she underscored her fondness and admiration for Almodovar.

“If I had to work with only one director for the rest of my life, it’s clear to me that it would be him. Almodovar is someone who is very important in my career. And in my life.”

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