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Posted on February 17th, 2009 - Filed in "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" (2008), Press, Public Events - 1 Comment / Leave one

Click here to listen to Penélope’s audio file.

That’s what the Oscars nominee told Gold Derby tonight when I called her in Madrid to ask her what she’d do next Sunday when this derby race is done, the victor is known and, win or lose, she can finally catch her breath.

Penelope Cruz has four extra tickets to the ceremony, so she’ll be at the Academy Awards with her brother, sister, mom (dad got to go to Golden Globes and BAFTA) “and one of my best friends from Spain from when I was a little girl,” she said. “I want my family to have a good night. To win, it would be an amazing thing! But I want to enjoy the night and the people around me.”

But tonight she coped with the pre-Oscars jitters by drinking herbal tea as we gabbed on the phone. She leaves Madrid in the morning to head to L.A. and begin her exciting week.

Penelope Cruz shared such thoughts with us plus the details of her schedule for the week ahead in L.A. She’s got lots of fittings scheduled to pick out the right dress for her march up the Oscars’ red carpet plus such work-related gigs as a photo shoot for her upcoming movie, Nine, directed by Rob Marshall (Chicago), based on the Tony Award-winning musical.

“For me this has already been bigger than anything I could ever dream of,” she told us. “I started working in Spain when I was 16. To be in this situation twice, with the other nomination for Volver, I am the first person to be surprised and overwhelmed . . . . Whatever happens, it’s been a great adventure from the making of Vicky Cristina Barcelona to the great surprises that came with it and after.”

Oh, yeah, and by the way, Penelope Cruz proves she has great cyber-taste. “I am a big fan of your website,” she says. “I do look at the The Envelope, but I try not to read about myself… ”

Source: LA Times

Setts • Feb. 19, 2009

Best of luck Penelope.

I’m praying for you……………..

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