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Posted on February 12th, 2009 - Filed in "Nine" (2009) - 0 Comments / Leave one

Daniel Day-Lewis, Penelope Cruz and Nicole Kidman’s new film Nine is going sweep the board during the 2010 awards season, according to movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

The film – based on the Broadway musical about film director Guido Contini and the many women in his life – has only just finished shooting, but with an all-star cast including Marion Cotillard, Judi Dench, Sophia Loren, Kate Hudson and Black Eyed Pea Fergie it is set to dazzle.

Harvey, who watched the latest film gongs being handed out at the 2009 Baftas in London, was asked if Nine would be out for awards season next year. He said: “Oh yeah, most definitely. You’ll see a lot of nominations. You’ll see a lot of dancing too. Really, this is a great musical, a lot of great musical numbers.

“It’s directed by Rob Marshall. We won the Oscar for Chicago; hopefully we’ll get in the arena again.”

The producer also revealed that even with all those women on set, there were no divas or clashes of personality, and everyone became friends.

He said: “It’s an amazing cast and they all became amazing friends and normally that doesn’t happen. Normally those sets are turf wars but this is a complete sisterhood and great brotherhood by Daniel Day-Lewis.”

Penelope said: “It’s an amazing group of actresses and Daniel is an angel, he’s so patient and kind. This movie has been very special.

“The singing was the scary thing because I have never done that before but I have loved every second of this movie.”

Source: Press Association

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