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Posted on February 12th, 2009 - Filed in News & Gossip, Press - 0 Comments / Leave one

Penélope Cruz has said that she has a much-improved work-life balance compared to her younger days.

The Vicky Cristina Barcelona star has revealed she has had two breakdowns, the first when she was just 17.

She said: “I’ve worked myself to exhaustion in the past but now my life feels more balanced. Once my life was all about work, yet now I do take time for myself.

“It was a hard lesson to learn that sometimes it is so much healthier to say no even to a role that you like.”

The 34-year-old actress had her second mental breakdown in 2002, after back-to-back film shoots for Woman on Top, All The Pretty Horses, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and Blow.

Now, she only accepts roles that really challenge her acting skills.

Her latest performance – she play the volatile and self-destructive Maria Elena, a woman who is locked in a complicated love triangle with Javier Bardem and Scarlet Johansson in Woody Allen’s latest comedy – is no exception.

She adds: “I think that type of fear is what I am always looking for as an actress. The more distance there is between the character and myself the better.

“I never need to be like my characters, to agree with them ever, I just need to understand them.”

Source: My Park Mag & Showbiz Now

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