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Posted on December 12th, 2008 - Filed in Mango, Photo Updates - 4 Comments / Leave one

Mango has unveiled their Winter 2008/2009 Ad Campaign which of course features Miss Pe. She looks the epitome of elegance. Enjoy the gorgeous HQ photographs!

Lydia Ferrari • Dec. 13, 2008

My favorite pictures of her EVER. She’s deffidently the most Unique, interesting, and beautiful celeb out there!!!!

Dann • Dec. 15, 2008

Is it just for me, or are the pictures a little pixelated?

Mycah • Dec. 15, 2008

Dann, I thought the same but thought it was just my screen. I will work on replacing them asap!

Benny • Mar. 18, 2009

I just want to say hi!
From the first time i saw you in the movie screen, the value that you brought in are many, such as elegance, sexy, and of course so natural, especially with the hair of yours.

From the way i see it, this gallery is more likely to be a hall of fame by Penelope Cruz..
What i can see from these pictures are natural, so fresh, you can combine the dress you wear with the background too. that thin dress brought the sexiness to the picture and with the wood-based background which provide natural value. I can tell for sure that it is such a lovely picture!
and i loved it for sure.
Even in the movie screen, you are not my best favourite actor, but you melted my heart with those pictures of yours.

Love ya! and waiting for your new design in 2009!
Never stop dreaming!


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